Reversible Wrap-Around Leather Discbound Notebook Cover

$ 163.00

Upgrade the look of your discbound notebook with Discbound Marketplace's exclusive leather cover.

REVERSIBLE - two looks in one!

WRAP-AROUND - protect the outer edge and neaten the overall appearance.

FLEXIBLE - lightweight yet protective, and flexible to save space in a handbag or tote. 

INTERIOR POCKET - choose to have the option of an interior pocket. Two styles are available (see photos): Bottom-to-Top or Corner. For the Bottom-to-Top style please specify if you prefer the pocket on the disc or the non-disc side, as well as the leather choice (same or contrasting).

BIG DISCS OR LITTLE DISCS - any size binding discs can be used with this cover. As noted below, this item is compatible with Circa by Levenger, Arc M by Staples, Happy Planner, Rollabind, and other discbound products. One set of size T discs is included as a gesture of goodwill, but again, any size disc can be used with this item.

Top/bottom and wrap side extend approximately 1/2" to 1" beyond the edge of the paper (see size table below) for full protection.

Choose your own colors and custom design a Reversible Wrap-Around Leather Cover for your discbound notebook! Discbound Marketplace's exclusive new design gives you the flexibility to create your own lightweight cover and enjoy the Wonderful World of Discbound Notebooks even more! 

Don't be limited by a poly or laminated cover for your notebook or planner/journal. This Leather Wrap-Around Cover adds a new level of sophistication and personal style to your notebook, and allows you to further customize the discbound system to fit your own unique style of notetaking, planning, or journaling.

Look through the photos to view the many features of our exclusive and unique design.

Click here to see our FAQ page for answers to questions about this item, leather, options, etc. 


1. Choose the size. Use the drop-down menu: 7-disc (compact) 8-disc (junior/half-letter), 9-disc ("Happy Planner"), or 11-disc (letter size).

2. Choose the poly/plastic binding disc strip Use the drop-down menu: black, or frosted clear.

3. Make your choice about an interior pocket: none, bottom-to-top, or corner.

4. At checkout, type in your choice for leathers (leather #1 and leather #2), based on current availability. Click to see the most current leather selection.

5. Allow 3-4 weeks for delivery, as each cover is custom-made to order.


We offer unique leathers that are not always available from big-box retailers. You choose! Pick one leather for the exterior, and another (or the same) leather for the interior. Leather inventory is always being refreshed, and the current availability is shown below and on our FAQ page

Sales Details

  • Every Reversible Wrap-Around Cover Set includes:
    • Wrap-around cover and an inner cover; both are reversible.
    • 50 sheets of premium writing paper (unruled) included; 24 lb. (90 gsm).
    • Magnetic closure, extra strong and hidden; allows cover to adjust based on depth of notebook contents. 
    • Pen loop with premium writing pen.
    • Stitched and hand-finished edges. 
    • One set of black discs (11, 9 or 8 depending on cover size), size T.
    • Paper/planner content not included.
  • Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions about your custom order.
  • Compatible with your own discs (Happy Planner, Levenger Circa, Rollabind, Arc by Staples, Martha Stewart, etc.).
  • Discbound Marketplace orders over $10 receive a complimentary mini-notebook.
  • Free shipping (U.S. only) on orders over $75.

All Discbound Marketplace products are compatible with all disc-bound systems (Circa by Levenger, Arc M by Staples, Martha Stewart, Atoma, Rollabind, Happy Planner). 

 Number of Discs For Paper Size
11 Letter 8-1/2 x 11" or A4
9 "Happy Planner" 7 x 9-1/4
8 Junior 5-1/2 x 8-1/2" or A5
7 Compact 3-3/4" x 7" 
5 Compact 3-1/4" x 5-3/4"


Other items to enhance your discbound experience, available exclusively from Discbound Marketplace (sold separately):

  • Wrap-around covers in poly.
  • Notebook square economy packs.
  • Mini-notebooks multi-packs for gifts or for jotting down quick ideas.
  • Expansion discs in colors and sizes to further customize the look of your Discbound Marketplace notebook.
  • Premium writing paper in sizes and colors.
  • Notebooks in additional sizes and colors.
  • 2-is-1 and 1-is-2 Notebooks.
  • Pen Holder.
  • Magazine/Brochure holders. 
  • Sheet protectors, business card holders, and photo holders.
  • Charm Holders.

Wholesale and custom discbound requests are welcome.

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