FAQs about Shipping and about Leather Covers


What are the shipping costs?

To determine shipping costs, adding items to your cart and start the checkout process. After you enter your email address and shipping information, shipping costs will be calculated. You still do not have to pay at this point, so you can see how much the cost will be.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes yes yes! If your country is not listed, please contact us and let us know and make a request. Click HERE to link to the Products page, and look for the green CONTACT button in the corner of the screen.


Discbound Marketplace's custom-made Leather Covers: Double-Wrap Around, Reversible, and All-the-Way

Where do I go to place my order?

Click HERE to link to the Covers Collection, or type in www.discboundmarketplace.com/collections/covers.


How long will be it before I receive my custom-made cover?


Please allow 3-4 weeks to receive your cover. Each is carefully made by hand, to your unique order. Because it is made by hand, there may be some "irregularities" in the leather or in the construction that will only enhance it's hand-made quality.


What are the leather choices?

The most current leather options are shown here. We are always refreshing and updating our leather collection, so check back often.

Why is the leather selection dated? Is the leather supply limited?

Leather is a natural substance, not “man-made.” We strive to make unique leathers available to you that are not easily found with big-box retail products. Our inventory of leathers constantly shifts, and we strive to keep our posted inventory information as up-to-date as possible. Despite best efforts, we may find the inventory depleted even after your order is placed; in this case you will be provided with a suggestion for a substitute, and be given the option to cancel your order if necessary.

Do I pay for my cover when I receive it, or when I order it?
All orders must be fully paid in advance. At this time we do not accept down payments towards an order. All orders are final.

What about shipping? 
Shipping is free in the U.S. via USPS First Class Mail or Priority Mail, with tracking, at the option of Discbound Marketplace.

Are all Discbound Marketplace covers reversible?
Both the REVERSIBLE Wrap-Around and the ALL-THE-WAY covers are reversible. The leather covers (top and wrap-around pieces) are secured to the binding discs with the poly/plastic binding strip. This strip can be unbound, reversed, and re-bound onto the binding discs.

The DOUBLE Wrap-Around cover is NOT reversible. The leather cover has a interior slot, and a plastic/poly back cover (included) slips into this interior slot. The binding discs are secured to the plastic/poly cover. 

Are the binding discs covered with Discbound Marketplace covers?
The REVERSIBLE Wrap-Around cover does not cover the binding discs. It wraps around the notebook contents on the side opposite the binding discs.

The ALL-THE-WAY cover does not cover the binding discs. It does not wrap around the notebook, so from the side, the edge of the contents are visible. The cover extends above and below the notebook contents, as well as beyond the right edge, so the interior content is protected.

The DOUBLE Wrap-Around cover does cover the binding discs. It wraps around the notebook contents on both sides (with the binding discs, and the side opposite).

Can I choose more than one type of leather for my wrap-around cover? 
Absolutely YES! You are encouraged to choose two leathers: one for the exterior, and one for the interior. Mix it up!

What else can I choose for my custom Discbound Marketplace Wrap-Around Leather Cover?

  • Poly/Plastic binding strip: choose Black or Natural White.
  • Size: choose standard sizes 7-disc, 8-disc, 9-disc, or 11-disc.

Can I choose the color of the thread used to stitch the cover edges? 
No, the thread color is chosen by the designer as a design element, and depends on each combination of leather choices you make. Sometimes a notebooks cover looks more sophisticated with a contrasting color thread than with a thread that “disappears” into the leather, and other times the reverse is the case. You are welcome to "make a vote" of course.

Will the leather look exactly the way it appears in Discbound Marketplace’s online sites?
The leather color and textures are shown as near to actual as possible and may appear slightly differently on your monitor/computer/display, or due to magnification of a specific image. Leather is a natural material from wild animals and is therefore subject to change from hide to hide. Changes in the color or texture of the leather and signs of wear are normal. We handle leather with the utmost care. Small dents, dings, scratches, or blemishes may be found within a hide and come from the experiences of the animal. Irregularities in the consistency of the color should not be considered a fault, but instead are an inherent sign of the natural beauty of the material. 

How much does the DBMP Wrap-Around Cover weigh?
Each custom cover varies in weight depending on the specific leather choice, but typically will weigh in at about 8 ounces.

Is the cover flexible or stiff?
The poly/plastic binding is the only stiff part of the DBMP Wrap-Around Cover. The cover can be folded almost completely in half when it is empty of contents. Its design allows you to wrap the covers back completely so both the wrap and inner cover lie underneath the notebook contents; in this configuration you can hold the notebook in your hands and it will have more than enough stiffness to be used without laying on a flat surface.

The All-the-Way cover has a interior padded stiffener hidden inside the leather. The cover is sturdy yet still has some pliability.

How long will it take to receive my custom DBMP Wrap-Around Leather Cover?
Orders are completed on a first-come-first-served basis, so turnaround time is largely affected by our workload at the time. An average turnaround time is anywhere between 2-4 weeks, however due to recent popularity your cover may take up to 4 weeks to be shipped. 

This may seem like a long time to wait for an online purchase, but good things come to those who wait! And when you receive your custom cover you will cherish it forever and tell yourself it was definitely worth the wait. We always strive to create each cover as quickly as possible without rushing through the work.  Each one gets full attention and is not complete until it is beautifully complete in our eyes. Remember, this is a handmade item so each will have unique characteristics and design. 

Does Discbound Marketplace make other styles of discbound notebook covers?
At this time we are focusing on Discbound Marketplace’s exclusive design of the Double and the Reversible Wrap-Around Leather Covers, as well as the All-the-Way Leather Cover. Other styles may be available in the future; please submit your inquiry.

Can I share pictures of my custom DBMP Wrap-Around Cover on Facebook or other social media like Pinterest?
You are free to share pictures via any social media, however you must give credit for the product design to Discbound Marketplace. You may not use any images for profit or commercial use without written consent from Discbound Marketplace.

Can I reproduce/make copies of the Discbound Marketplace Wrap-Around Leather Cover?  While you own the product you purchased, Discbound Marketplace retains the copyright for each design. Because of this, you are not able to reproduce the design artwork for profit or commercial use without written consent from Discbound Marketplace.

What is your refund policy?
Refunds are not offered on custom leather covers. Each is designed and created uniquely. When you purchase a custom cover from Discbound Marketplace, you are choosing your options based on the images shown on our online shop (leather colors, design details, etc.). 

If your item arrives with damage please contact us immediately.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes we do! Please inquire as to shipping costs for your location.

One more time, where do I go to place my order?

Click HERE to link to the Covers Collection, or type in www.discboundmarketplace.com/collections/covers.