Discbound Mania and Ideas

Here are great ideas for using and customizing your disc-bound goodies. 

Czech Planners.

Our business customer Life Designer uses our discs to build their planner business. We are so pleased to help worldwide enterprise!

Fitness Planner.

Create a fitness planner using Discbound Marketplace's Rainbow Discs and planner inserts (available separately) from Fresh Paperie Studios. The colors they use in their download printable pages are very compatible with the Rainbow Discs colors. Here is an example of their Fitness Planner with Rainbow Discs.

 Reminder to Be Awesome.

"Don't Forget To Be Awesome" uses Discbound Marketplace's Rainbow Discs to create this goody. I believe the discbound notebook on top is their own creation, and the bottom discbound notebook is a Martha Stewart item (now discontinued).

Use Discbound Marketplace colored discs to coordinate with your planner cover.

We donated a Discbound Marketplace Wrap-Around cover for the Happy Planner as a prize in a Facebook group content, but we couldn't choose which color looked best with the Floral Lilac design, so we let the winner have her choice. Congratulations Mary Anne!



Use a CD case as a pocket.

Shout out to Tamara Campbell for this terrific solution. "I keep extra goodies in a punched cd sleeve. This keeps bulk from a zipper out of my planner."

Click here to check out her Pinterest page.

Discbound Notebooks Make the Movies!

Check out the notebook used in The Amazing Spiderman, held by actress Emma Stone playing Gwen Stacy.