Loving our European Customers! October 25, 2015 16:58

We are so thrilled to be filling the world-wide demand for customization opportunities for discbound lovers. Our friends in Italy have organized a Gruppo di Acquisto (group purchase) to help foster an international purchase be more economical (while still complying with customs regulations). 


Leathers are a joy! August 29, 2015 08:18

Discbound Marketplace has had tremendous positive response and feedback to our wrap around cover designs, both double wrap and reversible. We've sent them to customers across the globe, from Australia to France to the U.S.A. Thanks to custom requests and constructive feedback, we continue to develop and tailor our designs. Stayed tuned for updates.

Here is a preview of some leathers we will introduce soon.

Bulk purchases April 30, 2015 11:22

We are so pleased to be able to offer the opportunity to buy in bulk. We have black binding discs in four different sizes. Each purchase is for 50 individually bagged sets of 11 discs (hold on, so that's a total of 550 disks, yikes!), now available. You can create/refresh 50 letter or A4 sized notebooks, 68 junior or A5 sized notebooks, or lots and lots of smaller notebooks.

Click here to be taken directly to the item. 

Do you want a custom bulk order of other discs? Please inquire to 

Have you seen our new pen holder? April 19, 2015 12:36

Well? Have you? Seriously, what good is a notebook without a pen? A challenge of the discbound notebook systems, especially with poly (plastic) covers, is "what to do about a pen? 

Discbound Marketplace has solved the problem!!! Our pen holder attaches to side-bound or top-bound notebooks. It holds the pen on the edge of the paper, either on the side, or on the top! Check out the photographs in the Catalog section to see how it works.


And we're off and running! April 19, 2015 12:34

Discbound Marketplace is now full-time and we're so thrilled! More products, more innovations, more special deals. Check out Discbound Mania for cool ways to have fun with the discbound systems.

First Post March 22, 2015 18:39

Hi Everyone, this is where Discbound Marketplace will have its blog. However! We've nothing yet to say, so for now, shop for discbound discs and notebooks!