Transformation Services - Turn it Discbound!

$ 75.00

You love the discbound system but you're not a do-it-yourselfer?

No paper cutter? No disc-punch? No knack for this kind of thing?

Never fear, Discbound Marketplace is here!

Send us your covers, your inserts, your paper, your anything. We have the expertise, the experience, the supplies, and the know-how to reinforce it, to punch it, to cut it; we can do whatever it takes to turn it into discbound content. The results will be professional and reliable. Then, we'll ship it back to you, and voila! New notebooks!

AND! We will include, for free, as many binding discs as your content needs (up to 10 sets of 11, black, size N 3/4" discs).

How it works
  1. Place your order and we will provide your with our mailing information.
  2. Ship the item(s) to us, making sure the package is trackable.
  3. When we receive the package, we will use our expertise, materials, and supplies to transform the content to the discbound system. 
  4. When finished, we'll pack it back up and ship it to you. 
"Fine print"
Not all items may be are "discbindable." Should 1/4 or less of the items sent to us be determined to be "un-discbindable" we will consider that a normal and expected occurrence. Should more than 1/4 of the items sent to us be determined to be "un-discbindable" we will communicate this to the customer, offer the option to discbind the contents that are discbindable or to return the contents and refund the order less $10 handling/consulting fee. More than one envelope will constitute more than one order.