Pocket Notebook Refill Paper Multi-Packs

$ 25.00

Buy a REFILL PAPER 10-PACK and pay for only nine!

Buy a REFILL PAPER 20-PACK and pay for only eighteen AND get free shipping (U.S. only).

You can purchase REFILL PAPER for your Discbound Notebook Pocket Notebook at an even lower unit price! Stock up so you never run out again.

What fun! You can make your own covers, or re-use poly covers from a previous Pocket Notebook order from Discbound Marketplace. These make great gifts for friends. For businesses, this is a great "freebie gift" you can use to advertise your company - make your own cover and hand these out to clients and prospects.

Each refill pack has these features:

  • 60 pages of white paper, unruled, 24 lb.

  • 3 black binding discs, size N.

  • Instructions for using a discbound system.

  • Paper is 2-5/8" x 5".

  • Rounded corners on non-disc-punched edges.

  • Instructions on "how to use a discbound system" for Discbound Newbies - great for gifts and introducing people to the Discbound Lifestyle!

There is no cover or pen holder included with this purchase. 

DMBP Pocket Notebooks are great for

  • introducing friends and family to the Discbound way of life;

  • jotting down quick ideas;

  • student flash-cards, use a different color for each different subject;

  • making animation books.

  • Can be used in landscape (discs on the side) or portrait (discs on top) orientation;

  • lefties can use in landscape with the discs on the right side!

Also available for separate purchase are pocket notebooks and pen holders.

Please contact us for bulk purchase requests.

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