Pen Holder with optional pen

$ 2.95

Purchase a PEN HOLDER for your Discbound Marketplace Pocket Notebook, also works with any other discbound planner. 

A Discbound Marketplace exclusive! Never be caught digging or begging for a pen. You'll always have your favorite pen handy with this a Discbound Marketplace PEN HOLDER. It is specially designed to be functional, stable, and long-lasting, with these features:

  • Double disc-punched for flexible positioning.
  • Attaches to your notebook's binding discs.
  • Made of long-lasting durable poly with elastic pen loop.
  • Rounded corners.
  • Clear frosted poly only.
  • Optionally purchase a Discbound Marketplace PREMIUM WRITING PEN with blue ink that fits perfectly with the Pen Holder and Pocket Notebook.

This PEN HOLDER is made of a clear, strong poly material. It is multi-punched with disc-punches for maximum flexibility in placement on your notebook discs. An elastic pen loop is attached to the poly. The PEN HOLDER can be placed with the pen loop on the left or right of your notebook. Buy two PEN HOLDERS and place them left and right to hold two writing instruments (pen and pencil? Highlighter? The possibilities are endless!).

This PEN HOLDER works fabulously well with the Discbound Marketplace Pocket Notebook. It can also be used with any other discbound notebook or planner. For a wider notebooks, place the pen loop at the top or bottom of your notebook. Very clever!

    Also available for separate purchase are Pocket Notebooks and Refill Paper.

    Please contact us for bulk purchases.

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