Notebook Square

$ 4.35

A Discbound Marketplace Notebook Square is a utility discbound notebook, with these features:

  • 60 pages of white paper, unruled, 24 lb.
  • 4 black binding discs, size N
  • Poly durable covers in assorted colors.
  • Interior cardstock covers, one in Navy Blue, one white.
  • Measures just over 3-1/2" square.
  • Rounded corners on non-disc-punched edges.
  • Instructions on "how to use a discbound system" for Discbound Newbies - great for gifts and introducing people to the Discbound Lifestyle!

DMBP Notebooks Squares are great for

  • introducing friends and family to the Discbound way of life;
  • jotting down quick ideas;
  • making animation books!
  • Can be used in landscape (discs on the side) or portrait (discs on top) orientation;
  • lefties can use in landscape with the discs on the right side!

The Notebook Square is available in a cost-saving 3-pack in our accessory bundle purchase section. Click here and choose additional notebook squares for Accessory #2 and Accessory #3.